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Candidate Mary Norwood: statement 2009-09-12

posted Sep 13, 2009, 7:18 AM by Todd Vierling   [ updated Sep 17, 2009, 9:21 AM ]
(Mary Norwood is a candidate for Mayor of Atlanta. This statement was sent to blogger Dustin Brookshire.)

Public safety is a crisis in our city, and we must make sure that our police maintain the support of all our communities have the resources they need to keep us safe, and we as citizens must have confidence that the considerable power we invest in our police is used wisely. Over the last day, a number of constituents have expressed their concern to me over events at the Atlanta Eagle bar. While it is not yet clear what transpired there last night, the events of September 10th clearly have a number of Atlantans concerned. As we learn the details of the events at the Eagle we must ask ourselves three questions:

Were there crimes being committed at the bar?

In a time when violent criminals are roaming our streets, was this the most efficient use of our scarce police resources?

Were the patrons present that night treated fairly and with the dignity and respect they deserve?

Only when these issues are resolved will we be able to have a full picture of what happened and whether everyone acted appropriately.