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Candidate Wayne Shannon: statement 2009-09-12

posted Sep 12, 2009, 6:21 PM by Todd Vierling   [ updated Sep 17, 2009, 9:22 AM ]
(Wayne Shannon is a candidate for Atlanta City Council, Post 2 At-Large.)

I propose that all adult entertainment be moved to Underground Atlanta.

That will become Atlanta's Red Light District for the protection of all club patrons, owners and also neighborhoods.   It's a WIN WIN WIN.

Here's the real clincher:

Keep it open 24 hours for International Travelers.  Tax every table dance and use the funds to replace improperly high property tax assessments and rates to fund infrastructure and education needs.  

This isn't my idea.  I've heard it around midtown from some savvy proprietors.

Atlanta's PD can focus on bigger issues and contain all adult entertainment in the underground.

Sex is the worlds oldest industry.  It's all over town so it's time that Atlanta just admit what it is made of and then capitalize on it.  

Separation of church and city is necessary for progressive reform.

Sooner or later Atlanta will learn to come out of the closet about it's true quality.  Showcase the Pink Pony and Cheetah in the underground.  It's better than dozens of random little sex shops and strip clubs mixed into neighborhoods throughout town.

It's time to rise up and be proud of what is here in Atlanta.  Move over Coca Cola, here comes Cheetah. 

Anyone else have a better idea?  Like video poker machines to addict our citizens.  

Fact:  every $1 a state earns in gambling revenue costs $3 in social programs to deal with crime prevention, addiction counseling and homelessness.

Want more revenue for infrastructure development?  Legalize Marijuana inside of Underground Atlanta. Penalize all other drugs except coffee, Coca Cola and Alcohol.  Penalize it outside.  Control it and tax it rather than spend millions trying to intercept it.  The result:  BILLIONS of dollars in revenue just from tourism alone.  BILLIONS saved on federal drug trafficking allocations that can be used in social programs instead of drug traffic intervention.

Atlanta could become America's most progressive city.  Citizens could stop being charged for the mismanagement of a city based on skewed out of touch ideals. 

Loosen up Atlanta.  Pull all the clutter out of the closet and have a yard sale.

These are all just ideas.  Compare them to the reality that we live in.  It's all around us anyway.  This is a global issue, it's not just Atlanta. 
Any better ideas?  How about rebuilding the street cars that were pulled out due to influencial automobile industry lobbyists?  

Sacrificing short term political gains in exchange for long term burden seems to be a recurring theme in many governments.

It's time we put all the cards on the table and look at the deck we are playing with.     

Profiting on a novel idea requires timing.  

Our infrastructure needs hundreds of BILLIONS not millions.  It needs to happen in YEARS not decades. 

It's time to wake up and shake off the facade.  This is where we are.  Look around you.  Read the police reports.  Read the federal drug seizure reports.  Read the international lobby to become progressive with Marijuana laws. Realize that Marijuana is a commodity.  It's the number one cash crop in many southern states. Realize that strip clubs and street prostitution are two different industries. 
These industries happen to be profiting in Georgia.  It's time to legitimize, tax, control and let society reap the benefits instead of pay for an ongoing attempt at defeating them.  

It's society that supports these industries behind closed doors.  That's the irony of it all.   

 I see a lot of unhappy home owners in Atlanta.  Unhappy with neighborhood adult entertainment clubs, unhappy with traffic, taxes and lack of funding for PD and FD professionals.  

I'd like to see 5,000 APD strong with increased compensation.  Frustration will continue within understaffed agencies.  Frustration leads to compromising standards of conduct.  

If the industries that we pay to control could instead add to the nations GDP, many of our nations cities could establish sustainability.

Conducting social cleansings to exterminate the values less than our own is expensive and its a war that can't be won.  Why?  

Well, let's look at the human nature component of the problem.  We have got human beings that frequent strip clubs as a form of social entertainment and possibly to satisfy an unmet personal need.  Maybe some enjoy watching the worlds oldest industry in operation.  As for Marijuana-possibly some smoke the herb to resolve medical and personal needs without a prescription.  There is not always a "sinning" element involved as would a strictly Christian view of these industries would suggest. 

It's time that the buckle of the bible belt loosen up a notch.

Welcome home Atlanta.  Open your eyes, you've been here all along!  Stop selling out to a false vision and start selling something other than Coke.    

Wayne Shannon